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Fungal Nail

What is it and what treatments are available?

Fungal nail - Onychomycosis, is also known as tinea unguium, it is a fungal infection of the nail.

Symptoms may include white or yellow nail discoloration, thickening of the nail, and the nail may separate from the nail bed.  It is mainly found in toenails but some do get it in their fingernails.  


Complications may include cellulitis of the lower leg.   A number of different types of fungus can cause onychomycosis, including dermatophytes and Fusarium.  You can be prone to get it if you have athletes foot, peripheral vascular disease and a poor immune function.  


Treatments include the antifungal medication Terbinafine prescribed by your GP taken by mouth, it is very effective but is associated with liver problems.  Topical treatments such as nail lacquer's and sprays when combined with trimming and filing of the nail helps the condition.    Not using old shoes after treatment may decrease the risk of recurrence and an athletes foot spray can also be useful.  

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Presents in different forms

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Fungal nails can occur for many reasons.

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Can be due to age, nails can naturally thicken and sometimes the environment feet are in can bring on fungal such as if feet are in slippers/warm environment all day/night.

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Can have element of fungal alongside trauma due to sports, poor fitting footwear

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